Omega 3 Eric Favre


    The SPECIAL KID range responds specifically to the small annoyances encountered by our children on a daily basis. Omega 3, DHA and EPA are necessary for the proper functioning of the organism: they play a preponderant role in the maintenance and the maintenance of cognitive functioning, that is to say of all cerebral faculties: memory , concentration, learning.
    125 ml bottle
    Water; fructose syrup; concentrated orange juice; emulsifying agents: xanthan gum and acacia; fish oil; vitamins: C, E, A and D; orange flavor; magnesium glycerophosphate; preservatives: potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate.
    For 10 ml:
    Fish oil: 200 mg
    Including Omega 3: 150 mg
    Of which EPA: 30 mg
    Of which DHA: 100 mg
    Vitamin C: 48 mg (60% AR *)
    Vitamin E: 4.5 mg (37.5% AR *)
    Vitamin A: 90 µg (11.26% AR *)

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